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Animal Urine / Saliva Testing

(For the Dr Carey Reams test to determine the adequacy of food rations)

Note to our customers doing the Reams’ test: The UpH-3 Test kit has all the chemicals & labware needed for urea testing & also includes pH color indicating solutions. For the other numbers used in Reams’ equation, you will need a refractometer and a conductivity meter. For better accuracy, a pH meter can be used in place of pH liquid indicators (color change) or pH tape.

For a great guide on urine testing using our test kit visit: Advanced Ideals Institute

To interact with others using urea testing, join the RBTI Yahoo! forum (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization).

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Reams Urine/ Saliva Test


Biologic Ionization As Applied to Human Nutrition

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