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Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc

Testing Supplies and Resources for Sustainable Agriculture

Soil Testing Meters & Instruments

Pike Agri-Lab Supplies has a complete line of instruments and test kits to help farmers take control of their soils. These tools can help you reduce and perhaps even eliminate the need for pesticides, herbicides and other “killing chemicals” in your fields. Using proven methods, you can grow a higher quality crop that will taste better, be more nutritious, and keep longer. In addition to the testing equipment, we also have a wide selection of books for those wishing to learn about sustainable agriculture. 

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Soil Testing Meters


Bio Ion 4 Pocket Tester Kit

Complete kit including four electronic...

Sales price: $414.99

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Nitrogen Test Add-On

Nitrogen Test Add-on for 4 Pocket...

Sales price: $93.99

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