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Testing Supplies and Resources for Sustainable Agriculture

Recommended Websites

Linkss Here is our list or sites and organizations that Pike Agri-Lab Supplies recommend.







acresusa.jpgAcres U.S.A: This is a must read monthly magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming. It is the oldest and largest magazine of its kind.


advancedideals.jpgAdvanced Ideals Institute: A great resource for education in agriculture and natural health science. Includes instructions, guides, training opportunities as well as consulting services based on the teachings of Dr. Carey Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization.The site is run by Dr Alexander Beddoe who is the author of some of our best selling books including Profiles of Living and Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition.




Advanced Nutrients: Australian company who's director is Dr Arden Andersen Ph.D, D.O., F.S, author of another one of our most recommended books, Science in Agriculture. The company manufactures and distributes liquid fertilizers for foliar and soil applications as well as granular fertilizers to cover all soil fertility, plant nutrition and animal nutrition needs. They also run seminars and will be a great resource for information. 





Crossroads.ws and Brixman.com : These are 2 websites with an incredible amount of information on the concept of Brix testing. Both sites are headed by Rex Harrill who has made the research and promotion of the measurement of Brix as a tool for increasing human health through nutrition - part of his life. This site must be checked out.


Brixtalk Forum: This is a very active forum , again started by Rex Harrill, that discusses the use of brix measurements in agriculture. Problems are always being posed and answered by the many experts that are active in the forum such as Jon Frank and Rex Harrill. New ideas are also being posed on a daily basis. If you want to network and be involved with people in this community, this is a great place to interact. Files and resources are also available after you have signed up.